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Concrete Driveway and Additions – Baytown

Are you in the market for a trusted and reliable concrete contractor? Then you need not look any further because we will do your concrete work beyond your expectations. Baytown Concrete is at your service for all your concrete work. We are a fully licensed and bonded concrete contractor located in Baytown Texas offering both residential and commercial concrete services. We have an expert team of concrete specialists that will go out their way to make sure that every work done is exceptional and of the highest quality.

What we do

We offer comprehensive and quality commercial and residential concrete installation services to the residents and business owners in and around the town of Baytown Texas. Our services include installation of concrete driveways, concrete driveway additions, new concrete driveway approaches, concrete foundations, concrete patios, flatwork, concrete circle driveways, and many other concrete services. Besides concrete installations, we also specialize in other home improvement services. Whatever your preference, we will give you a free quote for all the services.

Why you need our services

Many people are quite familiar with concrete works but do not have any idea of the adaptability provided by the concrete material. Concrete structures come in a variety of shapes, designs, colors, and patterns. Some people may opt for an easy way out and get non-professionals to do their concrete work. We do not gamble with people’s property because we are a professional team bonded and licensed by the state.

We know that places like driveways, patios, walkways, public plazas and other places all need a special touch to make them unique and appealing. Our team of experts can create an impression that you want. If you have no idea what exactly you want, our team can help to create a unique look that will not only impress you but everyone else that sees our work.

We treat every property that we work on, the same way we would treat our own property. We use the trendiest and top quality tools in the market to get the work done and our prices are very affordable. Our services do not end at the installation level but we also provide maintenance and repair on all concrete fixtures. This includes sealing and repairing any concrete cracks, flatwork repairs, and all leveling services.

All the results from our concrete services are long lasting, customized and reliable. Nothing is too tricky for our team and in everything we do, we only aim for one thing which is to please our clients. This we are able to accomplish because we have a splendid portfolio and a team of dedicated staff. We have also been in this business long enough to understand what every client wants.

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Do not gamble with your property and leave it on the hands of non-professionals. Do not set yourself up for claims and other annoying issues from settling unending concrete issues. Get the perfect concrete work done today for your home and business and enjoy comfort and safety. Our work is our word and we do it to perfection.

Call Baytown Concrete today to book for a free consultation and for a free estimate of your concrete work. The number to reach us at is 346-233-1954.